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      About Vivara

      Vivara is the biggest jewelry store chain in Latin America, with over 390 points of sale spanning all regions of Brazil under the Vivara and Life brands. Established 60 years ago, the company has a verticalized business model that covers all stages of the jewelry development process, carefully considering every aspect from conception to the final sale to the customer.

      The Brand

      A piece of jewelry is a unique symbol that transcends places, cultures, and time itself. It has the power to immortalize a moment or make someone unforgettable. Whether celebrating an achievement, welcoming a new life, or handing over your heart, the act of giving a piece of jewelry is an expression of affection that no one is indifferent to. A piece of jewelry can convey emotions that might take a whole book to express.

      This is precisely why we take such great care in our work. Above all, a piece of jewelry tells a story, and we are honored to participate in people’s lives in such a meaningful way.


      Located in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, our factory spans over 10,000 square meters and is responsible for producing 80% of all products sold in our stores. Last year alone, we produced around 3.5 million pieces across our three production lines: gold, silver, and watches.


      As market leaders, Vivara takes pride in being a reference in sustainability. All of the first-extraction gold used in the production of their jewelry pieces is sourced from Brazilian mines located in the Goiás and Minas Gerais regions, outside indigenous areas, and with LBMA certification. This certification, also known as “Responsible Gold,” is acquired from Anglo Gold Ashanti, one of the largest gold producers in Brazil, with over 180 years of experience in the market.

      Furthermore, Vivara is the first and only Brazilian jewelry company to obtain the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certification, which endorses ethical and responsible processes in the production chain of the jewelry and watches sector. The company is also a member of IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance), a global community that engages mining companies, industries, sectoral entities, non-governmental organizations, and civil society in good practices and shared responsibility in the production chain.

      Our Numbers

      BRL 2.8

      billion in revenue


      points of sale


      years of history


      thousand employees